May 26, 2016

WinZip Password Recovery - Easily Recover WinZip Forgotten Password

How can I easily recover my WinZip file forgotten password? So urgent it is for me because there are lots of important files and images saved in the .zip file I have to use for my Office meeting few minutes later. Therefore, you know the way available to recover WinZip password or open password protected WinZip file should be both safe and effective.

So fortunately you are, since I have also met such problem. But I don’t choose to directly open encrypted zip file with some utilities, most of which probably would crack the zip archive. Instead, I recover forgotten zip password with green software called iSunshare ZIP Password Genius at first. 

Then I could save the zip password or take it to open my encrypted zip file. iSunshare ZIP Password Genius provides two editions to work on a computer or in a LAN, and recover zip/winzip/7zip password with different speed. So you don’t need to worry whether it could recover your WinZip file password. Now just please follow steps below to do with the WinZip password recovery tool.

Steps to Easily Recover WinZip Forgotten Password with WinZip Password Recovery Tool

Step 1: Install and run WinZip password recovery tool on computer.

Now the WinZip password recovery tool I choose is iSunshare ZIP Password Genius Standard, because I have only one computer used for recovering zip password. But if you have more computers in LAN to use, please don’t be hesitated to get iSunshare ZIP Password Genius Professional. Faster recovery speed you would enjoy later in LAN.

Step 2: Browse computer and add encrypted WinZip file.

Tap Open button and you can browse computer to find encrypted WinZip file you need to recover password. Select it and click Open button to import it into ZIP Password Genius. It would appear then in box Encrypted File.

browse and add encrypted winzip file

Step 3: Select an appropriate WinZip password recovery type and set details.

Just click Type of attack, and you could choose one appropriate type for your encrypted WinZip file from the drop-down list. Under the attack type, there are several options you can set to make password recovery range and length more accurate. Available options would be different if you choose different password attack type. More information you can see in the passage talking about how to set password attack type.

select appropriate winzip password recovery type

Step 4: Recover WinZip password after forgot.

The step 3 is just intended to make WinZip password recovery more effective than when you do nothing. So no matter you follow step 3 to do or not, you can click Start button no to let WinZip password recovery begin. You could see the progress on ZIP Password Genius until the progress finish finding out WinZip password. WinZip password would show in new dialog where you can copy password and open your encrypted WinZip file in compression software.

recover winzip password after forgot successfully

In summary, you just need to run WinZip password recovery tool, add encrypted WinZip file, and choose attack type to recover WinZip password on ZIP Password Genius designed with friendly-user interface. So easily for everyone to recover zip password on a computer. Then could open or extract password protected WinZip file to get out important files and images for you.

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