February 21, 2016

How to Remove Password Protection from Access 2016 ACCDB Database

If you remember Access 2016 database password, it would be easy to remove password protection from Access 2016 ACCDB database.

If you forgot Access 2016 database password, probably it would be difficult to remove Access 2016 database password protection while you cannot find forgotten database password.

But don’t worry about that, even though you couldn’t recover access database password with the ways you have used, there is also one access password recovery tool Access Password Genius  that can easily recover forgotten or lost access MDB/ACCDB database password.

Steps to remove Access 2016 database password protection

Step 1: Get iSunshare Access Password Genius and install.

Prepare Access Password Genius trial or full version first according to database password length you forgot or lost. Generally, if the forgotten access password contains no more than 3 characters, trial version is OK and free for you to choose. If not, only full version could help to successfully recover Access database password.

prepare access 2016 database password recovery tool

Step 2: Add access 2016 database into Access Password Genius.

Tap on Open button after launching Access Password Genius, and browse computer to search encrypted Access 2016 database you want to remove password protection.

While you find it, select and click open button to import into Encrypted File box.

add access 2016 accdb database

Step 3: Set password recovery options and recover Access 2016 database password.

start to recover access 2016 database password

1. Click Type of attack and select one appropriate password attack type from drop-down list.

2. Under "Type of attack", set different kinds of password recovery options, including password range, length, Mask, Dictionary path etc. Surely not all of them just only password attack type related options are needed to set.

3. Tap on Start button to begin recovering Access 2016 database password.

If there is no settings wrong above, instantly imported Access 2016 database password will be recovered successfully, about few seconds later.

recover access 2016 database password successfully

On pop-up dialog with Access 2016 database password, click Copy and Open button, and you can open Access 2016 database password with recovered password.

However, if you remove password protection from Access 2016 database right now when you open it, it would be failed. Only Access database is open with Open Exclusive mode, can you successfully remove database password or unset access database password.

So the right way to remove Access 2016 database password protection should be like this.

1. Copy and save access database password after recovering with Access Password Genius.

2. Run Access 2016 and click File > Open > Browse to search encrypted access 2016 database on computer.

browse access 2016 database in access 2016

3. Select access 2016 database and open mode Open Exclusive in Open window.

open access 2016 database with open exclusive mode

4. Type recovered password while Access 2016 asks.

type recovered password to open access 2016 database

5. Click File > Info > Decrypt Database, and type recovered password again on Unset Database Password dialog and click OK.

decrypt opening access 2016 database

remove access 2016 database password protection

If there is no message prompting you, it means that you have successfully removed password from Access 2016 database.


It is worth mentioning that, Access Password Genius also helps to recover Access 2013/2010/2007/2003 database password. So if you want to remove password protection from Access 2003-2016 database, no matter it is .mdb or .accdb file, you could use Access Password Genius. 

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