July 6, 2015

How to Recover iPad Deleted Files | iPad File Recovery

If your iPad files are deleted or lost because of iPad damage, iPad factory reset, iPad iOS upgrade etc, how can you effectively recover iPad deleted files?

I think this article could help you a lot if there are no other methods for you. Two powerful ways below would tell you how to retrieve iPad lost files from iTunes backup or your iPad.

Way 1: Restore iPad Deleted Files from iTunes Backup

With iTunes backup in hand, you could not only restore iPhone/iPad/iPod data directly from backup, but also only extract the data you want from iTunes backup with iOS Data Genius. When you have decided to recover iPad files from iTunes backup, please choose to directly make full use of iTunes backup or take iOS Data Genius with more efficiency.

Choice 1: Directly restore iPad deleted files from backup with iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPad to computer and run iTunes.

Step 2: Click iPad on iTunes top right side to open iPad main window.

Step 3: In Backups part, click Restore Backup and choose a backup in pop-up dialog. Then click Restore to restore iPad from backup.

restore iPad deleted files from iTunes backup directly

After backup data restored to your connected iPad, would know what have been recovered when you open your iPad to see. So selecting a right iTunes backup for iPad file recovery becomes important for you.

Choice 2: Recover iPad deleted files from iTunes backup with iOS Data Genius

Step 1: Install and run iSunshare iOS Data Genius on Windows computer.

Step 2: Choose Recover from iTunes Backup File recovery mode and tap Start Scan button.

choose iPad iTunes backup in iOS Data Genius

Step 3: Preview iPad files from iTunes backup in new screen.

preview and recover iPad deleted files from iTunes backup

Step 4: Select the iPad files on the left side and click Recover button.

Then browse a folder on computer to save iPad deleted files. Until a message prompts you iPad files recovery successfully, tap OK to exit iOS Data Genius and see iPad deleted files on computer.

Compared to the first choice, believe you have realized that you could choose iTunes backup file and recover iPad data more appropriately. At the same time, you could exit iPad file recovery process and does no influence on your iPad.

Way 2: Recover Deleted Files from iPad with iOS Data Genius

iOS Data Genius will not only recover iPhone/iPad/iPod lost deleted data from iTunes backup, but also recover iOS data from iPhone/iPad/iPod. Surely, you can run iOS Data Genius to recover iPad deleted files without iTunes backup.

Step 1: Run iOS Data Genius on your computer and connect iPad to computer.

Step 2: Check "I have backed up my device with iTunes" and tap Start Scan to look through your iPad.

scan iPad with iSunshare iOS Data Genius

Step 3: Preview data after scanning iPad, and choose data on the left pane to recover.

preview and recover deleted files from iPad

Step 4: Save iPad data on computer and get Recover successfully message.

successfully recover iPad deleted files with iOS Data Genius

Undoubtedly, this way gives iPhone/iPad/iPod users hope to recover lost or deleted data, especially when they are worried or anxious about iOS data recovery.

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