February 14, 2014

How to Reinstall Office without Disk or Product Key

After we buy a new computer, besides Windows installation, there are still other programs having to be installed on new computer, such as common Microsoft Office. Almost all of computer users use it to work or write something, or do with data. But unfortunately, we always encounter some problems when we prepare to install full version of Microsoft Office. How to reinstall Office successfully becomes a new problem for us after we get new computer and Windows system.
We can discuss this problem on three occasions:
  1. How to reinstall Office without disk
  2. How to reinstall Office without product key
  3. How to reinstall Office without disk and product key

1. How to reinstall Office on new computer without disk

Maybe you have purchased Microsoft Office at a store or from the web, or it has come with your PC. You are given a 25-digit Microsoft Office product key. It is very important to keep the product key in safe place or write it down.
But now you lost or misplaced your Microsoft Office Disc even though you have product key. So you are unable to reinstall Office on your new computer.
Actually, at this time, you just need a personal computer and an internet connection, and you can go to Microsoft Office download page to choose the right version of Microsoft Office for you.
Step 1: Click on the green Download button under the main heading "My copy of Office came with a disk".
download copy disk of office

Step 2: Type in product key in the product key box.

activate office with product key to install

2. How to reinstall Office without product key

When you have purchased Microsoft Office, there would be Office product key for you. But now Office product key has been lost and only Microsoft Office disc is saved in computer. How to reinstall Office on another new computer?
At this moment, the main step is to find out Office product key. According to the previous installation of Office in your old computer, you could find its product key with software, iSunshare Product Key Finder.
Step 1: Run Product Key Finder on your old computer. And click “Start Recovery” to recover product keys for programs installing on computer now.

find ms office product key with isunshare product key finder

Save Office product key to a text file after all the product keys appear in software window.
Step 2: Install Microsoft Office on new computer and type in product key just found to complete Office reinstallation.

Tips: How to Reinstall Microsoft Office without Product Key 

3. How to reinstall Office without disc and product key

From the above introductions on two different situations, we can know if you don’t have Office disk, you can download it from:
If you have lost Office product key, Product Key Finder could help you find it out on your old computer.
After all Office disk and product key has been prepared, begin to reinstall Office on your new computer.

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