December 4, 2014

iTunes Backup Password Recovery Software: Why Can It Recover iTunes Backup Password?

As is known, iTunes backup password recovery software can recover forgotten or lost iTunes backup password. But do you know why it can do and how it does?

If not, follow this passage to learn and know about features of iTunes backup password recovery software.

Now we take one tool that can work on Windows computer to introduce, iTunes Password Genius. We will talk about it in 3 aspects to explain why it can be chosen as iTunes backup password recovery software.

1. Efficiency

iTunes Password Genius provides powerful function to recover iTunes backup password no matter how complex backup password is.

Powerful password recovery methods are designed in iTunes Password Genius, including Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.

With Brute-force, you can recover any kinds of password, but the time wasted will depends on the complexity of password and settings you set for Brute-force. Appropriate password recovery settings can save most of time.

With Mask, iTunes backup password can be easily recovered if you remember part of backup password. Just "Mask" parameter and password length, range.

With Dictionary, you can lessen the password ranges. Shorten the password recovery time, because password is only found in Dictionary.

With Smart, it is set with one different search method from other password recovery types. So at some moments, it will be smart for you to choose it.

2. Safety

In a word, iTunes backup will not be damaged or lost. Any data on computer will not be damaged too.

The purpose of using iTunes Password Genius, is to recover iTunes backup password, and use it to unlock iTunes backup. So this feature is really so important.

There is no virus in this backup password recovery tool. And when it is run to recover backup password, only the iTunes backup file is imported into it. Other files on computer related with this file are not affected.
Besides, there is one part about backup password in Manifest.plist. And only this section is used by iTunes Password Genius to recover password. So other parts in imported file are not changed.

Therefore, no data would be lost or damaged after iTunes backup password recovery.

3. Availability

We can see its availability in user-friendly interface and continuous software update.

3-1 User-friendly interface

As long as you run iTunes Password Genius, and with simple introduction, you can see how to recover backup password with it. Open backup file – Choose Type of attack – Start to recover iTunes backup password.

3-2 Continuous software update

In addition, it keeps on update in order to recover all kinds of iTunes backup password. So it will be worth to have a try. 

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